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Are you a TRUE friend?……..

Hi guys!

Do you know what I have come to realise? Being a TRUE friend is one of the hardest things in life! You have to be willing, brave and bold enough to say the absolute truth when you see your friend/s going astray. You have to be patient enough to keep loving your friend/s through their faults and downfalls even after you have honestly and sometimes even harshly advised them against destinations you can see them heading to. You have to be willing to stand by them even when everyone and everything is against them. You have to be willing to be hated by them in order to help them (if you understand)…..and the list goes on and on.

A friend who only laughs and agrees with you on everything and never offends you by telling you what you need to hear……..I have to say guys, isn’t really a true friend. Friendship isn’t build only on good moments and hearing good things, true friends become mirrors for one another and God’s mouthpiece for one another, helping each other to stand, and lifting each other up when we do fall. Continue reading “Are you a TRUE friend?……..”

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Struggling Christian…….

Hey guys!

I know I posted last week, but why does it feel like it’s been such a long time?

Myself and some of my friends were speaking yesterday about our walk with God and some of the struggles we are facing and face on a daily basis. We spoke about some of the issues which we have to constantly fight against and how we feel God must get tired of us and angry when we bring the same thing to Him over and over again. We shared our struggle with being perfect and living up to a certain standard we have built up in our minds. We spoke about the defeat we sometimes feel at truly living for God and the doubts that try to convince us that we are not good enough and that God is angry at us and doesn’t love us anymore. We spoke about the fact that we sometimes look at each other and think the other is so strong in their relationship with God and has no problems whatsoever and has it all together. We shared the thoughts that threaten to steal our faith and intimacy with God, as well as the mistakes we make which draw us away from Him. Continue reading “Struggling Christian…….”

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That Scary Answered Prayer……

Hey guys,
I always pray for God to deepen my faith and give me opportunities to use it so it may grow. But can I be real with you? In the same prayer, fear always creeps in because I know what that means and what it’ll demand from me and I get afraid! Even before anything has happened.
God is currently taking me on a journey of faith which requires great trust which I’ve never had to express before (when the time is right, I’ll tell you guys all about it)

Continue reading “That Scary Answered Prayer……”

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Exercise <<< That dreaded word!

Hey guys!

The whole of last year I tried to convince myself that exercise wasn’t needed to keep up a good figure and to just be generally healthy. I did minor exercises at home and tried to start back at the gym, in all fairness I actually did last a while! I adopted walking at least about 5 or 6 miles a day and doing various suggested concoctions on the internet i.e. drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with water to burn belly fat….. Image result for eyes emoji belly didn’t go no where looool. Continue reading “Exercise < << That dreaded word!"

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With maturity comes…..

……the bold ability to say ‘No!’

Having been through some experiences in these short 25 years of my life, there was a time I found it extremely hard to say ‘no’. I felt I would be disappointing people, causing them unnecessary bother and I just didn’t want them not to like me.

I said yes to practically everything, of course within reason, but because of this, I always felt overwhelmed, pressured and frustrated because I couldn’t let out how I felt. Continue reading “With maturity comes…..”

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Anxious & Thinking of Settling? | CGT

Heeyyy Guys!

So in this post, I may come across as a gremlin especially amidst the current trend both in churches and society in general.

The recent years has seen its fair share of marriages and new relationships. Social media has been inundated with proposals, luxury weddings, love confessions, shocking new relationships (celebrity and close to home) and the lot. Continue reading “Anxious & Thinking of Settling? | CGT”

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Wrapping up 2017!

Hey guys!

There’s 4 days left till the end of the year (including today), and it is usually about this time that many of us reflect on our actions, decisions and behaviour throughout the year and decide on any changes we need to make depending on the results the current year brought about.

I am no different. As a continuation to my earlier post, I have honestly looked back on this year and  reflected on how I lived my life and the changes I need to make. I like being open with you because we all know that sometimes, it takes that one person to say something you are going through yourself, for you to finally admit it too, aren’t I right? Continue reading “Wrapping up 2017!”

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Who do you truly belong to? | CGT

Hi guys,

This is a question God started placing in my mind a couple of years ago. It was at a time I was really struggling in my faith and in my relationship with Him. I had witnessed a series of things which spiritually traumatised me and I allowed fear to creep into my heart and become my daily companion. Continue reading “Who do you truly belong to? | CGT”

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The Truth About Friendships……

Hey guys!!

Friends mean a lot to me, and I am sure to you too. They are the ones we share our secrets, our pain and our happy moments with, especially our close ones. They are the ones we tend to believe will always be in our corner, always say just the right thing, always tell us the truth and look out for us. Wrongly we also assume they will never disappoint us, or do anything we don’t agree with or even do anything that may upset us.

A couple of years ago, I was deeply disappointed by a close friend of mine. I saw us as more than friends, more like sisters, and the way a situation played out left me so disappointed. We have both moved past that and are still good friends as she will tell you too, but I can assure you, God used that very incident for my own good purpose. Continue reading “The Truth About Friendships……”