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This is a guest post by an amazing beautiful lady Daniece Brady, living in Florida. By an amazing coincidence we got in touch. Just like myself, she is fuelled by her passion to see women learn to truly love themselves, imperfections and all. She also faced insecurities growing up as a dark-skinned woman and has decided to share her’s and others experiences of being dark-skinned and learning to walk in the confidence of that beauty.  Go check out her blog and leave your comments –

Marilyn X


I’ve been having writers block for months now, trying to put as many ideas on a paper to post content frequently. At first when I made this blog, it stemmed from reading my old diary. I did not like myself much, period. Skin colour was a big part of that reason, but I also underestimated myself a lot, because I did not quite know myself. Whenever I was trying to be myself, sometimes it would be accepted, a lot of times I was shut down for it. By being myself, as I grew up, I gained and lost a lot of friends and I always blamed it on myself. If I did not like myself, how can anyone else like me?

When people got to know me and saw hidden talents, whenever they complimented me, I honestly didn’t know how to receive it because I personally didn’t believe it. It wasn’t until I got to a HBCU, where I saw different shades of melanin, unapologetically being themself, I realized that I was holding myself back. Even in college, it was easy for me to fade in the background, especially being surrounded by many different beautiful girls who weren’t afraid of the lime light. Something you should always remember though, and not in a creepy way, but even when you think you are invisible, there are people secretly watching you.  I had one friend starting off in college and we were attached to the hip. The only time you would not see me with her, was if we were in different classes. The problem with that, I was not comfortable with myself enough to walk alone. I was walking in her shadow.

As we grew older, I started to find my voice. I started to find the difference in what I liked to do and what I did not like to do. I found other friends, etc. The more time I spent coming out of my shell, the more I surprised myself. It came to the point where I was not worried about anything else but my own happiness and success. From that point on, I became addicted to pushing myself hard and trying to finally feel proud of myself. Till this day, I accomplish many different things and I still feel like I haven’t done a thing, yet one failure and I feel like my world is crashing. Do not be hard on yourself. The journey you are on is going to take time. Rather, that journey is reaching your goals academically, financially, mentally, physically, etc. Do not rush the process.

When I started growing into myself, changing into a different mindset, I lost friends and gained more. And the cycle repeated. When you lose people that were in your corner, that can also hinder your confidence. I realized, that if i’m not good for someone or vice versa, it’s not the end of the world. It’s normal to lose and gain friends and still keep it pushing.

I guess what I am trying to say is, when you find comfort in yourself, in your own confidence internally,  life will become easier than you think. Forget about having a beat face or the best outfit right now, because honestly the positive energy of having confidence in yourself is the most attractive thing a person can have. Find that comfort in yourself, get to know what you like and what you don’t like, what you want in life, etc., before you can find comfort in anyone else. When you depend on someone else for true happiness, well, that’s another story for another day.

xoxo, Dee.


Daniece Brady of

Hey guys! I’m Daniece Brady, a 21-year-old Public Relations senior currently attending Florida A&M University and I am the creator of Diaries of A Dark Skin Girl!

My first fight in school happened because a girl made fun of my dark skin and told me, I was as dark as her black coat. Growing up in school, I was always the skinny, dark, funny girl, and even though everyone thought I was unbothered, my diaries read different. I was cute. But I wasn’t “pretty” enough because of my skin. I’m so glad I overcame that, loved the skin I am in and wore confidence instead. This is more than a blog, this is a platform for girls and young women to share their stories in hopes of uplifting and learning from each other. Although this is from a dark-skinned girl, that does not mean any other woman of color cannot support or share their thoughts on this blog!

Ladies, go and check out her blog and support –

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