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Travelling Diaries – Jamaica 2017

Hi Guys!

I’m back from Jamaica. It was honestly an amazing jam-packed trip. I love the ladies I got to share this trip with. We created a schedule of all places we wanted to go and activities we wanted to do and we actually did EVERY SINGLE THING! So woooopppp!! Honestly I had sooo much fun, from every place we went to, to everything we did and the conversations we shared and memories we created.

As you might well know, I am not very good at documenting my trips through photos and even videos lool *hides face*, so I don’t have many pictures, but I will be collating all videos I filmed as well as some of my friend’s videos into a vlog for you on my Youtube Page (click here) soon, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Here are some pictures I did take, but I have a couple more on my Instagram page – @marilyn_ama_

Riu Hotel in Ocho Rios where we spent 3 days, it was awesome! All Inclusive *wink* hehehe


Blue Hole was SHAMAZING! Although it had rained and the water had changed colour, it was still sooo amazing!


Horse Riding – Hellshire beach. I was super doped by the guy, I only wanted a picture on it, but he took me for a 2min ride and charged me jamaican$500!! Absolute cheek!

Gosh, God gave me so much more to share with you, I can’t wait to!

Speak Soon. X


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