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Hey guys!

I finally have the chance to start sharing our amazing experience in South Korea with you.

This is the amazing family we stayed with during our time in South Korea (picture above), Natasha, Dennis and their two beautiful boys YoungJe(Andrew) and YunJe.



YoungJe (Andrew)

Before we went, we decided we wanted to stay with a Korean family than in a hotel in order to have an authentic experience. I believe in involving God in everything so I prayed that God would lead us to find an amazing family to stay with and that we may also be able to bring something to them. 

At first, we had a few people on our list but unfortunately most of them had to do refurbishing around the time we were planning to go. I almost resorted to the Hotel option out of frustration of the long search but I kept at it. On one of my searches, I came across Natasha's Air BnB profile. It's weird but immediately I knew they would be the family we would stay with. When I sent the details to Shanika, she felt the same way. I started communicating with Natasha via Air BnB's email service but we moved over to KakaoTalk which is one of their SMS platform's in Korea as it was easier.

Natasha was so helpful in helping us prepare ourselves for the trip. She gave us details of the bus to catch at the airport to her area, she told us about the portable unlimited wi-fi we can rent at the airport and many other things. We honestly felt more confident because of Natasha's help. When we reached Incheon Airport, we caught the bus as she recommended and when we arrived in Natasha's area, she came and picked us up in her car to take us home.

When we arrived home, we met the lovely Romey (I hope I am spelling it right lol!) I have been scared of dogs for  many years ever since my childhood dog died in an accident(weird reason I know). But I immediately fell in love with romey, he is sooo loving and playful.

From Day 1, we felt like a part of the family. Natasha made us Korean style breakfast every morning which we both thoroughly enjoyed! Our room was very spacious with all our necessities provided e.g. towel, shower gel, toothbrush and even two adaptors for our electrical cables! Natasha and Dennis were very open and so easy to speak to. Natasha is very bubbly and funny!! We had some nights where we stayed up late just chatting away with them about various topics, funny stories, great experiences as well as advises.

Natasha helped us plan our daily activities and gave us route's to take, she recommended some fab places like Everland, which is Korea's biggest theme park at the moment. Dennis, her husband, seemed relatively quiet at first, but he is actually a very funny person! I love their relationship, they are so sweet.

Hanyang River

Their boys captured my heart, particularly YoungJe. He is very smart, open, friendly and confident. He spoke a little english and would come and say 'good morning' to us most mornings. He would come into our room and play with us with his transformer cars and just have a lil chat even if he spoke mostly in korean thinking we understood every thing lool, I loved every minute of it! We bought the boys Ankara suits which they loved as you can see in the pictures.

There is so much to say about our time with them but I'll be here forever lol. On our last day, Natasha helped us do some last-minute shopping by coming with us, I was very grateful for her going out of her way. We went for dinner as well in a fab restaurant (the first picture). If you ever do decide to go to South Korea, I 1000% (nope it's not a typo), recommend that you stay with Natasha and her family. I could not have hoped for a better accommodation and genuine people to experience Korea with. Our experience with them was so awesome that we have actually planned to go back next year!

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