About Me

Hey there!

I am a 20 something year old woman with a passion for all things God, writing, adventure and out of the ordinary! Side note, you may not see this upon our first meeting (if we ever meet in person) as technically I am supposed to be an ‘introvert’…….well that is until I let my walls down around you because I finally feel safe and able to be completely myself. Then you will look back to the days of ‘introverted Marilyn’ and almost wonder why you persevered in knocking down those walls……for there’s an almost exciting crazy side to me….shhh! don’t let anyone else know!

Now we’ve got the introductions out of the way *wipes sweat off brow*……Thank you ever so much for visiting this site! This website was born out of a desperate need to find resources that genuinely express the things we go through specifically as Christian women, but most importantly and closer to my heart, the things NOT spoken about, swept under the carpet or covered up under the pretence of “I am always strong! I never go through this”.

In addition to this, as mentioned above, there is a fire inside of me to do things out of the ordinary and adventurous and I love to share these with you! Life and specifically life with God, was never meant to be a dry, cracked, caked up floor in the desert (excuse the graphic description)! Take a look at the Bible and see all the exciting life changing events that took place in the lives of various people! When we choose to live by faith, seeking out God’s purpose for our everyday and our lives in general, boy you literally always feel on your toes (BELIEVE ME!)

Sooooo……keep your eyes peeled for the adventures I will share with you…..there’s bound to be quite a few – good, bad, ugly, glamorous, exciting, depressing, life changing…..WHO KNOWS! But there certainly will be and they will all come with no regrets because there is ALWAYS a lesson to be learnt, a character to be developed and a new height to be reached!

Let’s take this journey together, click that ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button and lets become web-buddies!

Marilyn Ama. X