Intro – Who am I?

Well, Hello there!!

It’s taken me soo long to write my first proper post because I honestly did not know what to actually write! I have researched on google “what your first post on your blog should be” ,  “how to write your first blog post” and the list goes on………………

But you know what??!!! I am just going to write whatever comes to mind, otherwise this blog will sit here bland and ‘unwritten in’ for another set of months.

I am an excitable person, I absolutely love laughing!! I even make myself laugh countless times hehe. I went through a lot of bullying growing up due to my skin tone being dark brown. Having overcome the effects of the bullying I am now quite passionate on creating an awareness on Colourism and it’s effects in our society.

I love my skin tone and would not change it for the world and I want others like me, who may have faced or still face challenges due to their darker skin tone, be it a Black person, Asian, or even Caucasian, to realise how beautiful each skin tone is. I have learnt over the course of the years that people tend to see you the way you project yourself. If you value, love and believe in yourself, this greatly influences how others perceive you.

So, I am on a mission to bring awareness to this natural beauty we all posses and how we can all make the most of what we naturally have.

I also LOVE travelling to new places! I will be sharing with you both via my YouTube, Instagram and this website, my travelling journeys……so look out for those posts! Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me  @marilyn_ama_ to keep updated.

I enjoy learning new recipes from across the world, so I will also be sharing with you some of the dishes I create….yum yum!

Finally, I will share random things about life with you, embarrassing funny stories, tips, ideas………………………

In order to always keep updated, subscribe to my website below by putting in your email address.

Speak in my next post!


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