My Review : Oat Dream Gluten & Dairy Free Milk Alternative…..

So I came to discover last year that my intestines don’t particularly appreciate me flooding them with dairy products and certain starchy foods. At first I had no idea what caused the constant bloating, which made me look at least 3 months pregnant!!

Gosh, it was so embarrassing!! I also didn’t understand why I had constant stomach discomfort and even diarrhoea after drinking some pretty top-notch choc milkshakes.

After several visits to the Doctor and a few tests being done to find out exactly what the issue was, we finally came to the conclusion that I needed to watch my food intake to see what was causing the symptoms.

So I did exactly that and noticed that bread, certain biscuits and dairy in particular always seemed to cause these symptoms. Then I was like “AAAAAHHHHHH!!! So what on earth am I meant to eat now??!” I LOVE bread, LLOOOOVVVVEEEEE biscuits, and I LOOOOOVVVEEEEE milkshakes, chocolates, cakes, flapjacks, ICE CREAM

So anyway, after my big tear fest, *sniff*, I did some research and discovered there are so many alternatives to dairy and gluten that taste as great and even in some cases, better!

I came across the brand ‘Dream’……OMGSH are their products simply the best! Take for instance this oat milk I am reviewing, it’s very creamy and milky. You can use it for cereal, the thickness is just slightly less than dairy milk, but still just right.

You can use it for tea/coffee/hot chocolate, in fact all your favourite drinks.

You can also use it in your omelette, smoothies, cake recipes ……almost anything you would normally use milk for. Not only is this milk dairy free, but it’s also gluten-free. There are two versions sold : The original is simply without gluten and the other is without gluten but also has added calcium, which is very good for you. This is the one I always opt for.  The cherry on the top is that they actually have Ice cream as well!!! I have yet to try it, I will certainly let you know when I do!

P.S. I normally buy mine from TESCO (UK).

Have you got any other delicious suggestions? Leave your comments below.

Speak Soon. X

2 thoughts on “My Review : Oat Dream Gluten & Dairy Free Milk Alternative…..

  1. I use Oatly. It’s a Swedish oat drink alternative to milk. I’ve been having a lot of issues with my skin and dairy didn’t help so I switched. Loving it for cereal and found a barista edition that makes my tea/coffee creamy instead of with bits floating on the top. I’m loving it.

    Mich x


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