Hey guys!!

I feel like it’s been forever! So I am back from my trip to Seoul, South Korea, and I have sooo much to tell you! It was such an amazing experience and I can honestly say I loved every minute of it, with the staring and all!

Firstly though, I just wanted to quickly share something with you. On one of our outings (me and my friend Shanika) in Seoul, we went to Namsan Tower. On our way there I couldn’t help but do a little photo shoot with all that beautiful nature around me!!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself posing here and there until I saw the pictures. All I  could see was the colour difference between my face and the rest of my body. Now this has always been an issue for me. I have always wished my entire body was the colour of my face and hated the difference in colour. I started complaining about it, then paused for a minute and really looked at the pictures.

The more I looked at them, the more I realised how beautiful I really looked. I noticed how vibrant the pictures were with the bright yellow against my dark skin. I realised how I was truly freely confident when I was taking the pictures before I saw them.

Instagram, Facebook and our phones give us abundant options to apply filters before we share our pictures with the ‘commenting’ world and doing this was my first thought before sharing the pictures with you. I wanted to put a filter which would fade out or completely minimise the colour difference between my face and the rest of the body so you would never know.

But no! This is exactly what has all of us comparing ourselves to one another and thinking each other is perfect and that we have it all together. ‘Real Women Like Us’ is a project I have started as a way for us all to see that imperfections do truly exist! I have a belly which won’t disappear no matter how much exercise I do, so I hate wearing bikinis! I mean there are a few more things I don’t like, but this is just the physical…..there are many character traits I don’t like about myself and am working on.

But when we apply a filter to everything we are, guess what? No one remains truly real and that is where you find this unrealistic social standard and pressure many women fall into which can even lead to depression and so many other things.

I am making this commitment to myself from now on to have #nofilter when it comes to my pictures. It will just be me, myself and the camera. Join me if you wish…..let’s make this become impactful!

Speak Soon. X

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