Weekly Action…..Get it together!

Hey guys!

So since coming back from my amazing trip, *Side note – I will start sharing from next week* it’s been non-stop. Came back to 140 emails, urgent work to be done, coursework submission due in 5 days which I hadn’t started, and my mum’s birthday party to organise with my sister. I stayed late at work everyday for the past week to get things done and my mum’s birthday party went amazingly well yesterday! She loved it!

Throughout the week though, there were many times I just wanted to sit and complain and do nothing because it seemed a bit much. But then my practical mind would always remind me – ‘The time you sit and complain is time you could have accomplished something’. So I would just throw away that feeling of ‘aaarrrgggghhhh’ and just get on with it.

So whatever it is this week that may stress you out to the point that you actually end up sitting and doing nothing, remember – time that passes can never be refunded! Your list will still need to be completed, so get to a quiet place, take out your notepad, make yourself a hot drink, write everything down on your notepad and let’s get going!

You are so amazing! You can do this!

Image result for muscle emoji

Speak Soon. X

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