Weekly Action, Give it to God……

Hey guys!

I hope you had a fantastic week and that you are looking forward to a brand new week :). I know some of you may say ‘nah girl, extend the weekend for me anytime!’…loool yup I agree!! If only eh?! As it ain’t so, let’s make the most of the week ahead of us.

This week just gone, I decided to do something which I think will become regular for me. I dedicated the week to spending more time with God and with things pertaining to Him.

Normally after a long day at work, I love to come home, get changed, sort out whatever needs doing at home, make my dinner, and sit in front of an awesome K-drama and relax away! It’s my little ‘me’ time. Sometimes I give myself a facial, or do other fun stuff for myself and I really look forward to it. I am not generally the kind of person to take the stress of work home with me, usually the moment I walk out of work, that’s it, work is left behind.

But this past week, instead of my normal routine when I get home, I decided to use that time to spend more time with God, reading books of faith, reading more of the Bible and I also took a day during the week to go out with God to one of my favourite restaurants. Can’t lie, I did miss my ‘me time’, but it was soooo worth it. Reading the Bible more, gave me a thirst for more of it, it placed even more faith and determination to act upon the written Word and see it’s manifestation in my life. Reading the book, ‘Kingdom Woman’ (click to buy) by Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst, has been such a blessing, it’s broken things down about a true Kingdom Woman of God and how we overcome the daily battles we face, big or small. I would fully recommend it!

My date with God was fab, we went for dinner which was nice and peaceful until unfortunately an extremely loud couple came and sat next to me, even still I asked God to help me tune them out and be able to enjoy the moment further which worked.

I would definitely recommend for you to do something like this on a regular basis, it helps to remove all the daily distractions and help you re-focus on what really matters.

How do you normally spend your time with God? I would love to hear some of your great examples!

Speak Soon.X

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