Make your figure work for you!…….

Hello to all my ladies!

I don’t have the ‘perfect’ figure…..but what I do have, I make it work!

Have you ever felt disappointed because a piece of clothing you liked and saw on the manikin looked , but when you put it on, it looked like you destroyed the designer’s vision when he/she created it??

Yup! I have been there and felt that very same way. But it’s true, certain clothes suit certain body shapes and it’s up to us to discover our own style.

Many years ago, baggy was my go to because I felt I didn’t have enough of a figure to wear fitted clothing, but through much trial and error, which I still have to practise today, it’s easier to detect what will suit me or not when I go shopping.

You’ve heard me complain many times about my belly lool, but I am actually doing something about it and have been for over a year now. Every week I have an exercise routine I do specifically focused on my stomach area. Knowing that I am self-conscious about my belly which isn’t flat, I make sure what I wear doesn’t accentuate that area but still looks super stylish!

I do have to say, there are times I just get fed up with trying to ‘hide’ this belly of mine and just allow it to be as it is in my outfits loool. It isn’t really that big though…hehehehehehe.

But the point is, if there is something about your body/figure you aren’t particularly happy about, there is always something you can NATURALLY do about it! NO PLASTIC SURGERY HERE PLEASE! I don’t believe in that. Exercise and diet changes are your best friends! And remember, as hard as it is to believe, it is those imperfections that our partner today or future partner will absolutely love and adore about us.

How do you make you figure work for you? Please share your ideas, I’d love to hear them! I am on a mission this year to discover my own personal style 🙂

You are absolutely amazing! Make the most of your natural beauty!

Speak Soon. X

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