Weekly Action…..Know your own weakness

Morning all!

It’s Monday again, and the beginning of another productive week!

Today I wanted to talk about something I think is very important and most of us tend to avoid, our weaknesses. As I am sure I have mentioned before, my temperament is such that I am more emotionally inclined and I tend to over-think. Before being aware of this, I used to really beat myself up for not being as ‘strong-minded’ and ‘un-emotional’ as the other person. This was until I realised the people I looked up to as ‘strong-minded’ and ‘un-emotional’, also had their own weaknesses and bad character traits they were also constantly struggling against.

I think a person who doesn’t know their own weaknesses is like the picture above,unprepared, unarmed and vulnerable to every attack. When you know your own personal areas of struggle, you are able to combat these first hand. You are able to plan your victories, as you already know where and when you may struggle.

There is nothing like a good personal experience to help make things clearer. I know my mind is one of my battlefields and I know I can get emotional about things very easily. Knowing this, I plan not to over think and not to get emotional. For example, my Grandma went missing one day last year after we had all left to go to work. As I sat in my car that morning, before I drove off, I felt compelled to lock the house door, but it felt so cruel to lock her in the house, so I didn’t. When I arrived home that evening, we discovered that she had let herself out of the house in her pyjamas and slippers and wandered off. It was winter at the time, very cold and rainy.

The first thought in my mind was ‘you should have locked the door! you could have avoided this, what if you had just listened to that nudging!’ I had prayed that morning for God to be her protector as none of us could be there with her during the day and I believed in my prayer. Because I knew how my mind can be, I immediately recognised the thoughts and refused to give in to them, I chose instead to remember my prayer to God and trust His answer. Throughout the search by the police, radio station, hospitals and ambulances throughout the night, I honestly felt at peace as I clung onto my faith in my prayer and in God. I actually fell asleep at different points and eventually at 2 am we received a phone call that she had been found safe in a bus shelter and had been there for most of the time!!

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This is one side of how knowing your own weaknesses benefits you. Another benefit is that you can avoid what you know will not help you. I choose not to watch and listen to things I know will lead to confusion in my mind or will plant a seed of fear or anxiety in my heart. If I already know this to be my weakness, why on earth will I actively seek to encourage it? Instead I have to actively defeat that nature and encourage building strength where I am weak.

I hope this motivates you to do the same as it helps you to become a well-rounded and prepared individual, who is capable to thrive and overcome in any situation.

You are amazing!

Speak Soon. X

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