Yellow Lace & Me……

Hey guys!

I’m a big fan of the colour yellow and I have also developed a love of lace over the recent years. I came across this dress in H&M (London) last year (2016) and simply fell in love at first sight.

The only thing I struggle with when wearing yellow is the colour of the shoe to wear with it. I know a lot of colours are complimentary to yellow but you don’t want to get too excited and make the outfit too busy. In this case, I chose to wear my red heels, which I think went well with the outfit….don’t you think? What other colours would you suggest?

I must say, I am quite enjoying dressing up more and more lately as well as taking pictures. I am truly coming out of my comfort zone in my quest to discover my own style…..I hope I inspire you along the way too. Looking beautiful is something we can all do, we each have features unique to us which we can make the most of!

Make the most of your own natural beauty!

Speak Soon. X

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