Weekly Action…….The Last Thing God Told You To Do

Hey guys!

What was the last thing God told you to do? There are a few ideas and instructions God has shown me to do in the past couple of months, some of which I have began, some I have delayed due to fear.

Once,I found myself saying to God in a prayer, ‘Father use me to truly reach the needs of these women and girls, particularly the things that are not addressed often but we all face’. I am sure you can guess God’s reply to that! He brought into my mind, the ideas He had shown me, and the fact that I had yet to execute or to even plan towards them.

Think back to the ideas that came to you after you prayed seeking for guidance on how to serve God better, reach His people, to be used by Him. How many, if any, have you actually acted on? Let’s take it further, how many of them are you still pursuing and persisting in?

Unfortunately we humans have a terrible nature, we are great beginners but can be terrible finishers. It is something we have to actively fight against in order to see the result of our conceived ideas.

With this said, I am pushing from hence forth to act on all the things God has shown me to do and push myself to persist in them. Watch out for a new series this week which has been on my  heart to start for a while. I know it will bless many of us.

Speak Soon. X

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