Weekly Action…..Obedience = Fruits

Hi guys!

Picking up from last week’s ‘weekly action’, I spoke about acting on what God last told you to do. I did the same. There was a topic that had been on my heart and mind to write about for a while which I knew would help a lot of girls and women, particularly Christians, but felt apprehensive to write it. I was worried about the reaction of people to the topic as unfortunately in our society, even in our churches today, it seems to be a ‘no-go’ area.

I find that the real difficulties we all face aren’t addressed as often as they need to be and unfortunately this has led to many women becoming confused, frustrated and taking up the advise of the world or following the leading of their flesh and falling into sin. It’s the topic of Sex.

I wrote a blog post about some of the things we particularly face as women, check it out here. I was overwhelmed with the response I received from quite a few women. A few sent me messages to say thank you for addressing it and how helpful the post was for them. I appreciate all the messages and the fact that people took their time to read the post as it was loooonnnnggg lol! In fact it was the highest number of views my blog has received since I started it. So thank you to you all too!

What this showed me is how important it is to obey God. Sometimes what He may require of us is outside the realm of what everyone else is doing, it may be difficult or scary to do, in fact sometimes it can cause the loss of friendships and invite negative criticisms toward you. BUT, and this is a big BUT, obedience in-spite of all that, ALWAYS bears fruits! The messages I received and the fact that the post helped and is still helping many people is the fruit of my obedience and ultimately God being pleased with my obedience.

So I encourage you to obey what He has told you to do! There are people waiting to be helped on the other side of your obedience! This short time we have here on earth, is our only opportunity to fully live for God, to totally trust Him, to use our faith supernaturally and not just naturally, to do unimaginable things all for His glory. Once we get to heaven, we won’t be able to do these things anymore, as it will be our rest. This is what has been on my mind and I’m really trying to push myself to do more of lately.

Speak Soon. X

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