Weekly Action……When things get busy!

Hi guys!

😥 Sorry I didn’t follow-up last week. Honestly it’s been non-stop.

It’s very easy for me to keep going even when things are really hard, I’ve never been one to know/realise when I am stressed. My body always ends up being the one to let me know. I get sick out of ‘nowhere’ (not really out of nowhere though lol), I feel tired all the time, my mind becomes very fuzzy, I can’t remember the simplest things, I am quite irritable and I just want to be left alone most of the time.

But can you imagine, even in these moments, I still find it hard to give my self a break! I feel guilty resting and doing nothing. Although I do have to say, I have improved a lot in regards to this. I have days when I only do some cleaning then do nothing for the rest of the day apart from things I enjoy.

What I really want to say is that, I have learnt not to demand from myself more than I can physically give. If that means I cannot do some things as frequent as I’d like to for a while, so be it. What is important is to correctly prioritise and be consistent in doing the things that matter to me….and for you, the things that matter to you!

So on that note, I may not be writing as much as I was in the beginning, but definitely at least once a week, I will be blogging! I’ve got a new project coming up which I am supppppeeerrrr excited about, so keep an eye out!

Speak Soon. X

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