He’s Just Not That Into You | CGT

Hey ladies!

Have you ever liked a guy who did not like you back? How did it make you feel?

I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt and worn it a couple of times. Naturally, I am an emotional person, so I’m sure you can imagine where this is leading to lol.

I thought to share my experience with all you out there who, just like me, have to whip your emotions into place on a daily basis. This won’t be for everyone, it’s not every woman who struggles in this area, but for those who do, I hope this topic will help you overcome that much more in this area on a daily basis.

A long time ago (hahaha, sounds like a prelude to some fairy tale) *i actually do laugh out loud when I make these ‘jokes’ hahaha! Anyway, a long time ago, I made a prayer to God, that He will keep me just for my husband, the man He guides me to choose according to His will for me. That He will not allow me to get involved in any random relationships or anything in that realm prior to meeting my husband.

Now, this was even before I became serious in my relationship with God. God continues to keep His end of the deal. But just because I prayed for it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been hard. I was the girl in secondary school that didn’t have a boyfriend or any love interests, the girl who had a crush/crushes on a couple of boys who she had no chance with.

Fast forward to my early twenties and I had similar experiences. I have liked some guys who, to the best of my knowledge, didn’t like me back and this caused all the insecurities I had before coming to know myself in God, to come rushing back. I have found myself questioning my self-worth, questioning my beauty, comparing myself to other girls and friends who garner attention, wondering where I fall short, trying to change my personality or things about myself in order to get the attention of the guy I like………….(and the list goes on)

There have even been times I have been jealous and envious of friends because I wonder, “what do they have that I don’t”. About 4 years ago, I had enough of allowing myself to feel this way and decided to have a serious talk with myself. I decided to lay down any interests at the feet of God and ask Him to take control and guide me. A particular experience taught me to look at things differently.

Come back tomorrow for the story!

Speak Soon.X

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