There’s Just Something About Her….| CGT

Hey Ladies!

Something about him grabbed my attention and I couldn’t seem to shake it off. I prayed about it and sought to find out more about him. I asked God what he thought and had peace about him. I liked him for 4 years with no progression.

Throughout those years, because I had an interest in him, God was able to impress on my heart to pray and do things on his behalf in moments when he needed help. There would be random moments when God would lead me to sacrifice on his behalf such as fasting etc or praying for specific things for him, even though we didn’t speak. Without fail, each and every time I obeyed, it would come to light that my obedience was not in vain, there had been an issue.

The fact that I always obeyed God’s leading even though we didn’t speak and quite frankly I didn’t know much about him and would never actually know before hand that something was going on, was only because I liked him. Had I not liked him, I probably wouldn’t have been as diligent to do all the things I did.

So my first point is, sometimes, not always, people catch our attention and we like them, not necessarily because a relationship is supposed to develop, but because God wants to use our interest in them for a purpose. Who is to know if what I did on his behalf contributed towards his salvation and spiritual growth? Maybe no one else cared as much during those moments, but God found an open heart in me to use for his sake. I think when we choose to see everything through God’s eyes, every thing we go through becomes purposeful.

Ultimately though, I have realised that trying to change yourself simply to impress the other person in order for them to like you back is a huge waste of time and an expensive one at that. If today, even before a stable and committed relationship has formed, I have to change A-Z about myself, pretend I am something I am not, pretend I am ok with things I am not among other things, what will happen when we get married?

This will be something I will have to keep up to keep the person interested. I will have to constantly and tirelessly keep up the act I begun when we first met. This will undoubtedly lead to a whole host of insecurities.

The man who is for you will see you at your worst and still not want to lose you.

I truly believe I won’t need to break my back to capture the attention of the man I am to marry. I believe the same for you too. It’s amazing how most if not all people in successful relationships, when asked, always tend to say ‘there’s just something about him/her’. I agree, I believe that something is your and my authenticity. 

Don’t settle for ‘the best I could get‘, believe and wait for God’s best created for you. It doesn’t mean the relationship will be cotton candy and floss, but it means that the three-fold cord will most definitely NOT be easily broken.

Speak Soon.X

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