The Truth About Friendships……

Hey guys!!

Friends mean a lot to me, and I am sure to you too. They are the ones we share our secrets, our pain and our happy moments with, especially our close ones. They are the ones we tend to believe will always be in our corner, always say just the right thing, always tell us the truth and look out for us. Wrongly we also assume they will never disappoint us, or do anything we don’t agree with or even do anything that may upset us.

A couple of years ago, I was deeply disappointed by a close friend of mine. I saw us as more than friends, more like sisters, and the way a situation played out left me so disappointed. We have both moved past that and are still good friends as she will tell you too, but I can assure you, God used that very incident for my own good purpose.

Prior to that incident happening, I truly held people deep in my heart. When I loved, I loved deeply, when I cared, I cared about every single pain, hurt and joy my friends would experience. Now this is not a bad thing and I am still exactly this way. But what God taught me was to take people out of my heart. Human beings as we are, are not perfect. We are full of flaws and our own personal downfalls. We unintentionally and intentionally hurt each other on both low and high levels constantly, sometimes even in an attempt to help one another.

If I hold people in my heart, I will constantly be hurt, hold grudges, pain and un-forgiveness in my heart. Since God taught me this, I discovered that as much as I love the friends I have today, in 2,5,10… years time, I may not be surrounded by the same group of people. Life may take us in different locations, situations may break us apart, circumstances may cause us to drift apart……but in all this, there is one constant Friend who cannot and will never leave me, even if He wanted to, because He said so! hahaha

“………“I will never fail you.
    I will never abandon you.” ” Hebrews 13 :5 NLT

Therefore, the One whom I should hold in my heart always and know also that He will never disappoint me, hurt me nor desert me, is God, my Father, my Friend, my Husband. And I pray the same for you too.

P.S. It was a struggle to write about this topic as a recent incident happened and I feared I may offend people….but hey, emotion or not…..we are here to help one another with what we all struggle with!

Speak Soon. X

One thought on “The Truth About Friendships……

  1. Ohhhh I can’t explain all the emotions I experienced just reading this. You know me and my flashbacks…

    I will never, ever forgive you for giving me THAT jellof. Totally spoilt my movies ? but alas ’tis life ? Poor teeth. Let’s hope Hosea can handle that…

    Keep doing you xXx

    Your purpose is immense.


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