Wrapping up 2017!

Hey guys!

There’s 4 days left till the end of the year (including today), and it is usually about this time that many of us reflect on our actions, decisions and behaviour throughout the year and decide on any changes we need to make depending on the results the current year brought about.

I am no different. As a continuation to my earlier post, I have honestly looked back on this year and  reflected on how I lived my life and the changes I need to make. I like being open with you because we all know that sometimes, it takes that one person to say something you are going through yourself, for you to finally admit it too, aren’t I right?

This year has been a learning and building-up myself kind of year, establishing who I am as Marilyn. I have learnt a lot about my likes, dislikes, irritants, things that set me on fire and drive me and things that cause me to be turned off completely. I have made some hard decisions, used my faith in big ways and began walking into brand new doors I never would have imagined. At the same time, I have also picked up bad habits I am not happy with which I need to change.

As I have mentioned, I have used my faith in big ways this year, but noticed that I have not done the same as much with the ‘seemingly little’ things (‘_’ because they aren’t actually little). Things such as occasionally gossiping, ignoring God’s voice, sometimes doing things my way than God’s, moments of disobedience, not going out of my way to spend as much time with God and at times jumping the gun before consulting God first.

As hard as it has been to admit, I realise that to truly change, one must acknowledge the truth. What is your truth? You may find it useful to sit in a quiet place and write it down, don’t try to pretend and use nice words….if you really want to see a change in 2018, be as plain as day with yourself and God, so you know where to start.

Now that I know the things I have fallen short in and how important it is that I fix them, I have a focal point in this coming new year. Ultimately we have to remember that establishing your internal person is always the priority and always positively affects your external life!

In this coming new year, my prayer for myself and you is that even if we must offend, that we choose to offend others, human beings, and not God. That God may help us to be aware of His presence wherever we go, in everything we do and in everyone we speak to, that we may exhibit His character and love and win many souls to Him. I pray we truly allow His word to be our steering wheel.

God bless our 2018!

Speak soon. X

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