For all the No’s, Delays & Confused tears……

………..I say Thank you!

Who would have thought?! When I look back to moments in my life when I was 100% convinced that something or someone was for me and yet even with prayer, things didn’t seem to go my way, I am truly thankful.

You see, I truly believe that God is a Father, He is our Daddy who knows what is best for each one of His children. He always sees the bigger picture, whereas we see whats just in front of us. Many times I cried desperate and confused tears, watching people receive what I so desperately wanted, complaining about how unfair it was and stomping my feet for justice.

All along, God knew the reasons why those things were not for me. He knows me inside and out, far better than I know myself. He loves me too much to cause me to either go astray or be hurt, and therefore allows temporary pain in order to bring about lasting joy (hehehe sounds like a hymn).

I am sure if you think back on your own life, you will discover the same too! I started thinking about this towards the end of last year and it has led me to truly grasp and stand firm on wholly trusting God in all things, because OH, HE KNOWS!

Some of those No’s are what led me to walk into amazing new opportunities and have led me down a path I would have truly never imagined! Don’t allow No’s to stop you, let them be a motivator to discover the true Yes’ that exist for you and I!

Speak Soon. X

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