With maturity comes…..

……the bold ability to say ‘No!’

Having been through some experiences in these short 25 years of my life, there was a time I found it extremely hard to say ‘no’. I felt I would be disappointing people, causing them unnecessary bother and I just didn’t want them not to like me.

I said yes to practically everything, of course within reason, but because of this, I always felt overwhelmed, pressured and frustrated because I couldn’t let out how I felt.

The more this happened, the more an indignation rose up inside of me to stop that behaviour. I learnt to do what is best for me by analysing when it’s OK to say yes and when it is just as OK to say no. Another thing I realised was that I do not need to give a reason for why I say no to people!! I know this was a big issue for me.

If I had a hard week and just wanted to rest during the weekend, but was asked to take part in something and knew I physically didn’t have the strength, I would say yes just to avoid having to explain. But thank God I now know, I don’t have to convince anyone.

Ladies, we live for God and to God. We live to serve one another, but NOT to be enslaved by one another. God has given us a beautiful life, and He wants to lead us to such amazing places and things, but He can’t do this when our minds are filled with a thousand voices of various human beings. We must be Holy Spirit led in all we do including when we say ‘yes‘ and when we say ‘no‘.

This is maturity! I hope this blessed you as it did me!

Speak Soon.X

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