That Scary Answered Prayer……

Hey guys,
I always pray for God to deepen my faith and give me opportunities to use it so it may grow. But can I be real with you? In the same prayer, fear always creeps in because I know what that means and what it’ll demand from me and I get afraid! Even before anything has happened.

God is currently taking me on a journey of faith which requires great trust which I’ve never had to express before (when the time is right, I’ll tell you guys all about it)
I’ve never had so many bouts of fear and doubt as well as so many scenarios play out in my head before . But always at the end of the day, when I’ve poured out my heart to Him, He brings the same truth back to me over and over again
“Those who put their trust in Him, will never be ashamed…..” Psalm 25:3
I have to cling to this with all I am and truly walk by faith and not by sight. Our life on earth is so short and we must endeavour to spend it living for God, living out His word and experiencing the truth instilled in each of His promises, rather than enjoying the sound of it.
Let’s pray for one another in regards to this because ‘Lord knows it ain’t easy!’
Speak Soon.X

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