Can Doubt Lead to a Stronger Faith?…..

Hi all!

How was your Easter? Mine was really lovely. I spent a lot of time thinking about the significance of what Christ did for us and how important it is for me to wholeheartedly grasp and believe in it. It’s something that isn’t leaving my mind because it is the very essence of our faith!

I want to talk about doubt today. When we read about the resurrection, there’s a particular event we tend to talk about a lot – Thomas doubting Jesus.

Find the story in John 20 :24-29.

I’ve always had this opinion about this event…..I believe the other disciples would have reacted the same way he did, if they had not been present the first time Jesus appeared among them. Thomas always voiced his concerns, doubts and questions….in fact he tended to say the very things everyone else was thinking about, but were afraid to say!

An example is in John 11 when Jesus wanted to go to Lazarus after He had been told Lazarus was sick. The disciples complained and reminded Jesus that it was only a few days ago the people in that area wanted to stone Him, they were like ‘Why on earth would you want to go there?!’

Jesus didn’t budge…..He was adamant about going, so the disciples tried another tactic ‘well…….if he’s only sleeping (as Jesus had put it), quite clearly, he will get better Jesus!!’

I am sure at this point, when they looked at His rigged un-amused, ‘my-mind-ain’t-chainging’ face….they all became silent and kept their opinion to themselves. ONLY Thomas said what they were all crying about inside “…….Well……let’s go too and die with Jesus”

See Thomas’ sincere and child-like nature, was of one wanting to believe. He struggled to believe, but never kept that struggle silent. He wanted Jesus’ help to believe, to have a stronger faith and conviction in Him, so he would always voice his concerns.

Some doubts deepen our faith as we search for the answer, they can become the end of a couple of other doubts when we don’t give up our search for the answer. We become firmly rooted in the Truth we find, never to question it again.

When our doubt is directed towards belief, we are sure to find the answer!

Contrarily, when doubt becomes stubbornness which becomes a prideful lifestyle….our faith becomes shipwrecked (Read about Judas’ end Matthew 27).

We can’t take out our suitcases and make our home in doubts, we have to push through them to the answer on the other side!

The answer always leads to a stronger faith and knowledge of who God is!

Believe me! This is for me!

Speak Soon!

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