The Meal We Skip Daily….

Hey guys!

This is a short but important one today.

We try our best to eat at least x3 times a day, but unfortunately don’t do the same with our ‘spiritual body’. If we need physical food daily in order to have energy and the strength to live and accomplish our daily goals….how much more spiritually? Daily ‘eating’ of the Word of God is needed to stay healthy spiritually and empowered to fulfil His will.

I used to think it was too much to read the Bible daily… when would I have time to digest what I read yesterday? It’s all a lie and ploy from the devil!

If that’s the case why don’t we do the same with our physical food?! If I ate last night why don’t I give my body the ‘opportunity ‘ to digest the meal the whole of tomorrow then?

Reading the Bible daily doesn’t mean I have to read something new everyday. It also doesn’t necessarily have to be whilst I am sitting down. We are in the age of technology and are blessed to be able to download a bible app with audio on our phones. I take full advantage of this and listen to the Bible during my many walks. I’ve been re-reading the whole book of of Ephesians since last week, and I still don’t think it’s time to move on till the Truth of what I am being taught sinks in to my very soul.

I hope this helped you as it did me!

Speak Soon.X

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