‘God’s Will’……..

Heyyy guys!

Have you ever had someone come to sit you down and reprimand you for not following what they believe is ‘God’s will’ for your life? You are told all the reasons why whatever decision you are choosing to make is not what ‘they believe’ God has planned for you. Every possible bad consequence is listed to you to encourage you to do what they believe is ‘God’s will’ for you………..and on and on.

I am a person who is extremely grateful for wise counsel and very appreciative of people’s care and concern towards me. But……and this is a big BUT…..I also believe this is true – if God desires you to do something, He will reveal it to you! Why would God tell another person something He wants you to do….and leave you out of the know??? Granted, sometimes this revelation only comes after someone used by God has mentioned something to do, it could be an idea or a thought that has been pressing them. Ultimately though, once you pray about it, if it is the will of God, it is confirmed inside of you, you have peace and confidence about it.

I don’t believe God will ask any of us to do something and not reveal it to us personally as individuals. Whether it’s revealed to us alone (meaning that no one else may understand the vision/idea/purpose/goal etc), or it is revealed after a word from someone. I don’t believe He will inform another person of His purpose for us and ‘leave us out of the loop’, leaving us with absolutely no peace about what the person is telling us.

Don’t allow ANYONE to bully you by attaching God’s name to their statements/advise/reason. We have to be careful in ensuring we are God-led in all things. If someone approaches you with a concern/advise or anything else regarding what they believe God would like you to do, always take it right back to God in prayer and seek for His confirmation. Most people come from a place of sincere love and concern, and I for one receive this with such appreciation! BUT…….our lives belong to God and choosing to live a life pleasing to Him means we are surrendered and depend totally on Him.

Have a look at this :

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him

Philippians 2:13 NLT

I hope this blessed you as it did me! (*You know when you just have to get something off your chest! phew!*)

Speak Soon.X

One thought on “‘God’s Will’……..

  1. This is very much true and so very important to always take things back to God. At the end of the day, He speaks to us directly so He is more than capable of confirming what He wants from us, to us directly as well as using someone else,


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