Should I Go to University?…..

Heyy guys!

I remember when I started college (UK college, for those whose country uses the american system), I had to start thinking of that all so big decision…..’what will I study at University?’ Note that the question wasn’t ‘Do I want, or should I go to University?’ It is pretty standard for all of us to ask ourselves the first question, because that is how we have been raised. The older I have gotten though, and the more I have experienced in life, and I guess as the world’s culture has changed, the more I realise we should all truly be asking ourselves the second question.

I withdrew from a University degree I was studying a few years ago as I knew it was an area of work I would not go into. I initially came to my current workplace to clear out their back office which was full of archived documents. In the space of just under 2 years, it is unbelievable where God has brought me. I now manage the finances and I’m on track for even bigger things.

All of the above I have achieved without a University degree. Is it important and useful to attend University? Yes of course! Is it necessary to be successful in life? Not at all!I don’t believe attending University is for everyone or is a necessity of life. As I have said multiple times before, we have to be God-led in all things. There are different seasons in our lives, and it could very well be that earlier in our lives is the right time to attend University, or it could be later in life, or could be not at all. There are many successful people we all know of who do not hold University degrees, but yet we are consumers of their successful ideas :

  • Richard Branson
  • Steve Jobs
  • Ana Wintour
  • Bill Gates
  • Rachel Ray
  • Will Smith
  • Henry Ford

What determines success, (in my own definition) is based more on a person’s hard work, determination, passion, resilience, openness to learn and adapt, among other things. When a person is determined and passionate, they have the ability to educate themselves to the degree which they need to be.

University could very well be a part of your path to success, although at which point of your path, we don’t know. Do not put yourself down simply because you do not have a degree. Your ideas, strive and resilience are your degrees!! As long as you make sure you aren’t led by the world’s mentality but rather allow God to lead you in all things….there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop you from succeeding far beyond your wildest imaginations! I’ll end this post with my favourite bible passage :

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29 : 11 NLT

Speak Soon.X

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