Protect Your God Given Dream…..

Hey guys!

Isn’t God just the best?!

Over the past couple of weeks, He has been speaking to me in regards to something and amazingly enough, it was the same message that was passed to us in church this morning.

When God directs you to do something great, He directs YOU<<<! That’s the key part! In fact I could end this post right here. We can’t expect everyone to understand what we have passion to do nor to support us. I think it is very easy to forget that sometimes opposition and discouragement often comes from those closest to us. It is these very same people that we expect to understand and support us all the way.

Joseph made a mistake by exposing his God-given dream too soon….or I think I can even say at all. When something is from God, it is unavoidable for people to notice and simply wonder, even if they don’t believe in God, “how? just how? there must be something greater behind this!” It isn’t necessary to try to convince people.

We can’t expect everyone to understand the passion and drive God puts inside of us to make that dream become a reality. We can’t expect everyone to agree or support the sacrifices we have to make to accomplish that dream. I have long since adopted this statement ‘When I die, I want to die empty, poured out, with nothing else I could have given.’

I really want to live this life in a way where all God has placed in me to serve Him and all of us in this world, is able to accomplish what it was placed in me for. It is a great tragedy to die still full of all the dreams, ideas, goals and decisions we were called to take.

I hope this blessed you as it did me!

Speak Soon.X

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