Dealing with the ‘Everyday’ of Christianity……

Hey guys!

My oh my! The weather in London has been to say the least! In the short space of a couple of months, we have literally experienced all 4 seasons!

Anyway…..that’s not what I am here to talk about today haha! This is something I have been thinking of in the past couple of weeks and I would like to share it with you. It is how we deal with the ‘everyday’ of Christianity.

We know the end point of our faith, we study the commandments and directions given to us in God’s Word and we are amazed by the blessings available to us. BUT life hits us DAILY.

The fantasy we have in our minds of being a perfect Christian, the perfect son or daughter of God is constantly thwarted and our confidence is brutally attacked by our inabilities and struggles as human beings to stand firm, trusting God, in His Word and living it out! We struggle to walk the straight path DAILY :

  • At work – I work with many colleagues from different faiths and some who don’t have a belief. As you can imagine a variety of conversations and displays of behaviour take place constantly in my workplace. I always pray to be a light, to be set apart and for all those who meet me to notice God’s difference in me. BUUUTTT….it is a struggle daily! There are many days I leave work so disappointed in myself because I joined in conversations I shouldn’t have, I got angry when I shouldn’t have, I had an attitude with people when I shouldn’t have, I laughed at a crude joke I shouldn’t have and the list goes on and on……
  • At home – I don’t know about you, but siblings…..oh siblings, can be THE MOST ANNOYING human beings ever! BUUUTTT when you’re trying to walk this walk and your sister or brother says or does something which makes your blood boil, ooooo it’s hard! These first 5 months of the year, my family has very ‘lovingly’ 
    Image result for teeth smiling emoji
     pointed out some of my characteristic flaws and it’s been so hard to keep my mouth shut and actually listen to what they say and work on it, but I have been! It has been VERY hard not to always retaliate with ‘well……..if you say I am like this, then let me just remind you that you are like ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ too!!!’ <<<<<lol!
  • Other relationships – Remember the post ‘Bearing in love…’ *wipes of a sweat* , talk about live what you preach! When I say I have been tested in this area! It’s not easy to keep bearing with people who simply don’t want to listen and put on a fa├žade when you both know the truth. BUT then I have to remember that there are A LOT of people who also have to BEAR with me! In these first 5 months of the year, as well as what I spoke about above, I have also noticed a lot of the traumas and bad experiences I went through as a child, manifesting themselves as traits in me. Some are so hard to overcome, because they genuinely feel like protection from being hurt. Some also feel like it the right thing to do as I HATE burdening people! But similarly, as I realise these things about myself and recognise how people have had to BEAR with me, I realise it is the same for some of the people around me :

The same thing happened to Abraham. God called him, gave him some super amazing promise that knocked his sandals off…..but he had to troll and crawl through a good 25 years before he saw that promise being fulfilled. The difficulty of the everyday life caught up with him that he gave in to doubt in the few years just before the promise was to be fulfilled and tried his wife’s suggestion, the human understanding.

We can be encouraged that we aren’t the only ones who have to walk this walk in the midst of everyday struggles. We can also be encouraged by looking back at the footsteps of those who walked this walk before us and learn from their successes and mistakes. God’s Word and promises are true, His execution however…..that we will never know! Our position is to continue to fight to live in obedience daily, picking ourselves up when we make mistakes, both big and small, and root our trust firmly in His promises, believing them even when the reality before our physical eyes tell us its a lie!

I hope this blessed you as it did me!

Speak Soon. X

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