What If We’ve Got Things The Wrong Way Around?…..

What if we have got things the wrong way around all this time? What if what we think is normal, isn’t actually normal? What if what we consider to be supernatural is actually what is normal?

When Christ died for us, He removed the separation between us and God….He made it so that once again, we could be His siblings, God’s own children.

This means, through the victory of Christ, we have now become like Christ (note I didn’t say Christ-like)….just go with me for a minute on this. To become like Christ means we now have His nature, character, spiritual blessings and authority. What we think is normal for us as human beings died away the moment Christ overcame death. This means things like lies, fornication, bad character, grudges, jealousy etc….are actually the things which are abnormal, the things we should look at as strange behaviour. This is because this is no longer how we are. So far does it make sense? I hope it does.

When we say we want to be more Christ-like….we tend to have a more relaxed view and have the understanding that our normal place of standing is to be sinful beings, full of the above things I mentioned and more, and that we are striving to become more like Jesus Christ. We tend to use this phrase a lot ‘We are all human beings’ <<< I use it a lot myself!

When we move into the Truth that we have actually been made like Christ, when we put on this new person (Ephesians 4), this understanding, EVERYTHING changes. Our whole outlook on life, how we behave, the decisions we make, our belief in our prayers and in God’s Word changes. This is because in actual fact ‘miracles’ are a ‘normal’ part of our lives (do you catch my drift?). When we were made like Christ, we inherited this too….Ephesians 1. This means we shouldn’t actually be surprised when something we pray for happens, because this is the norm, this is what is supposed to happen!

This post has really blessed me!

I hope it blessed you!

Speak Soon.X

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