It’s Not Always satan!……


It’s one of those moments again, I have to get this off my chest! We live in a generation where everyone wants to do what they want to do AND there is no boundary or clear-cut line between right and wrong.

I have found that some of us Christians today are using particular lines to follow this trend of simply doing what we want to do, even when WE KNOW that it is NOT the will nor the desire of God!

You’ve been praying for something and YOU KNOW, OH YOU KNOW deep within you that God has said NO! God has spoken through a few people around you as well as through His word, and showed you that it IS NOT His will. Things are simply not going smoothly as they should and problems after problems keep arising, but these are problems caused by DISOBEDIENCE to God’s Word, NOT the devil!

But NOOOO…..because you want to do what you want to do, what is the easiest line to use? ‘It’s the devil, this is all trials and tribulations, satan is trying to block my blessing’….Sweetie, No! Honey No! Babe (hate this word, but seems fitting here) No! Jesus is trying to save you from a pit you are walking into wide eyed!

Guys, let’s not only be prayerful people, let us also be obedient to the answers we receive from those prayers. Let’s not only be readers and hearers of the Word, but let us BE SEPARATED from the world and actually BE DOERS of the Word. Yes it is a hard journey, but we chose it right? We all know the truth of this world……let’s use discernment and allow God’s will, His TRUE will, not our desire to cover up our own will with that statement, to be done.

God, as I mentioned in my earlier post here is our ultimate Stalker and will try till the very last second to save us from ourselves and this world, but what He cannot do is force us to listen and obey Him. That, dear friends, is up to us and us alone. We also have to bear in mind that if we decide to push ahead with what WE KNOW we should not be doing and it all blows up in our face, as much as God is the God of new beginnings, He is also our Father and will allow us to deal with the consequences and learn from them. Some consequences are very painful, scarring, traumatising, destructive and simply UNNECESSARY, hence God trying all avenues possible to stop us before we commit such mistakes.

BELIEVE ME, this post is certainly for my attention too! Both now and later when I re-read it, I pray and hope it will wake me up if I have fallen into the wrong mindset.

Speak Soon. X

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