Biotin induced acne!……

Hey guys,

As promised – after I stopped taking the biotin, it seemed my body wanted to fight my decision because my face literally became an explosion of acne and it was endless. Throughout the process, I tried my best not to let it get me down. I went to work like normal and did everything like normal, I didn’t try to hide, but it was horrible!

What started to get to me the most was the marks (discolouration) the acne was leaving behind! For a good 5 months I didn’t let it get so much to me that it would make me cry, but one particular night, I felt so frustrated and so upset that it simply wouldn’t stop, I literally burst into a deep groaning cry!

I felt so helpless because I was trying so many things to try to combat the acne. I was drinking sooooo much water like at least 3 litres a day (at least!), I was using an elixir to get rid of any internal issues affecting the acne, I was using an organic vitamin C cleanser, a scrub, face masks then eventually raw african black soap……..but NOTHING SEEMED TO BE WORKING!!

I’ll carry on in the next post!

Speak Soon. X

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