My Facial Products…….Biotin Acne

Hey guys!

Yes I know, I’ve actually delayed in posting this! So here you are! These are the products I am currently using to get my face back to normal after the horrible Biotin Acne Experience!

  • Raw African Black Soap (Straight from my homeland, Ghana!) – Buy Here
  • Coconut Oil (I use one sent to me by Dad from Ghana, but this is just as good)- Buy Here
  • Pure Goodness Facial Cleansing Milk – Buy Here
  • Pure Goodness Skin Fix moisturizer – Buy Here
  • Face Masks – I bought them from Korea, but you can use any face masks you like!

What I like about the products I use are that they are all 100% natural products (well apart from the face masks lol). But because of that, my skin is well looked after! đź™‚

So 5 nights a week, I wash my face with the raw african black soap and a few drops of coconut oil (this is to reduce the intensity of the soap as I have sensitive skin, but it also helps to smooth the skin). I first wash my face with some warm water as well as my neck. I then rub the soap between my wet hands to create a lather and add a few drops of the coconut oil. Then I massage this lather into my face  and neck for about a minute or less, then I wash my face off with cold water, but wash my neck with warm water using the face cloth. Why? Cold water + Neck = scream! It’s far too cold lool! Why do I use cold water for my face? It closes my facial pores!

The other 2 nights, I use the above products. What I do is this – I use the first group of products let’s say Sunday and Monday, then Tuesday I would use this second lot…..then Wednesday and Thursday, the first group, then Friday this second lot……and it goes on.

With the above products, I use 2 pumps of the facial cleansing milk for both my face and neck (dry face and neck). I leave it on my face for about 2-3 minutes. I run hot water from my tap, until steam is coming out, then I rinse the facial cloth in the water and string it to get the water out. I put the warm cloth directly on my face so the steam from the heat opens my pores. I then wipe my face with the cloth in an upward motion. I do the same with my neck.

Once I have cleaned off all the facial cleansing milk, I then use one of the face masks I got from South Korea. I keep that on my face for about 10-15minutes. They are so moisturising I usually don’t need to use the skin fix moisturiser afterwards.

My morning routine literally consists of just washing my face with cold water and applying the skin fix moisturiser.

By doing this for the past 2 months or so, I have seen massive improvements to the pigmentation left by the acne as well as to the number of new acne. My skin is getting smoother and beginning to glow once again, So yes! I am a happy bunny!!

Speak Soon X

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