Modern Day Idols…….

Now, we live in a modern society which makes it hard to detect what we define as an ‘idol’. In Biblical times, it was quite easy to point them out – you know, those hand-made dolls being sold in every street corner, those erected immaculately decorated large statues and shrines drawing hundreds and thousands of people to offer sacrifices and their worship, sometimes even as horrid as their own children.

In our day and age, yes these practises still happen, but for us who have been enlightened and have chosen to follow the Truth, it is sometimes very hard to tell when we have set up an idol in our lives.

I’ll give you my example. It’s been nearly half a year God has been pressing on my heart about this. My dinner time, in fact let’s just say meal times, are very precious to me. I mean, I am not a happy bunny if I am disturbed during those moments. I cook my food, set up my TV program I am going to watch, get my cup of water, shut my door and thoroughly enjoy my meal.

Now God started calling me to give Him my meal times, as in spend those moments having the meal with Him. I told Him “No Jesus! That’s ME time!!”……Can you believe the absolute cheek?! Lool!

He spoke once but I just couldn’t shake it, you know how He does, lool. So there it was, each time I sat down to have my meal….”oh Marilyn, oh marilyn!” Until sometime early last week, when listening to the Bible, I realised how disappointed He must be. The God of the entire universe, the Almighty King, the One who rules all nations, the Creator of all creations wants to spend time eating with me, puny little old me and I actually have the brazen face to say no because its ‘me time’?!

After this realisation, I quickly went to His feet and apologised for my wrong and actually realised I had begun to idolise my meal time. You see how easy it is to do right? Idols are anything we prioritise over God. God is a very jealous God. And I mean He has every right to! He showed His love for us in a way NONE of us human beings can ever show to each other. He saved our souls from eternal damnation by taking up all our sins and paying the price once for all……and on top of all of that, He offers it to us as a GIFT, not to be earned, paid for, or to be received as a consequence of us proving we are worthy or have changed all we should.

He has EVERY SINGLE RIGHT to be jealous, we are the apple of His eye, His own treasure, the ones He has truly ‘ride and died’ for. I should be honoured He wants to sit down and enjoy my meals with me, converse with me and share with me the wonders of His Word.

Since then, each meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner…..its me and Him!!

I hope this helped to bring some idols which may be in your life to mind and helps you to throw them out, and give God His rightful place in your life.

This is something we will have to continuously practise all the days of our lives, as unfortunately we are fleeting human beings and thrown by many winds. As long as we stay rooted in Him, He will never fail to bring these things to light so we may shake the dust off and continue to walk the right path!

Speak Soon.X

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