Hey guys!

Gosh, last week at church, God wrecked me! You know when you feel as though the whole room has gone dark and there is a spotlight just on you and darts are being shot straight at you and they all keep hitting the target straight on? Haven’t ever felt like that? Well I certainly did on that day!

The Pastor was preaching about having bad eyes towards authority and people in general. It was speaking to me so much as I had found myself many times saying things I thought were innocent or justified, but in fact were a reflection of a bad heart I had towards that person/ people!

I am so thankful for that service because God shook me up! If you remember my last post at the end of last year here, I spoke about having had trouble with gossiping in 2017. This showed me how we all have to be constantly awake and realise that it truly is a daily, hourly, secondly battle. I have to put Godliness at the forefront of my mind and be in constant communication with God so He can alert me when I am about to step into things I have no business in.

Gosh, I’m so grateful we have a patient, long-suffering and loving Father who spares nothing when it comes to capturing our heart and continuously pursuing in us His nature and predestined plans for us.

Humanly speaking, we get tired and drained with a person when they keep making the same mistake over and over and over again. BUT our God is nothing like us, He knows our journey is not an easy one and therefore has left so many encouragements across His entire Word and in nature itself,to show us that as many times as we may fall down, we need to get up even more!

I hope this blessed you!

Speak Soon.X

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