They Can’t Know I’m A Christian……..

It’s bad for my image

It’ll turn people away

People will think I’m religious

I won’t get as many opportunities

People won’t be interested in what I have to say

It’ll damage my reputation and my following

These are a few of the things that run through the minds of many of us today in this generation. In a climate where right is wrong and wrong is glorified and praised, having people ready with pitch forks to hunt down anyone who stands for their ‘old way of thinking’…….it’s no surprise we face these thoughts and pressures.

I’ve personally experienced Christians who have decided to remove anything which indicates their relationship with God from all their social media in a self ‘justified’ attempt to ‘reach more people’.

No one is ashamed to change their status to ‘engaged’ , ‘married’ , ‘in a relationship with….’, ‘wife of….’, ‘husband of…..’ But when it comes to defining who you are as a child of God and confidently proclaiming that, suddenly there are many grey areas.

Jesus called us to be the light on a hill, the salt of the earth. Surely this light isn’t meant to be hidden under a table, otherwise who would see it? This way of thinking hurts me a lot and I’m not even God. Imagine the one you love being ashamed of everyone knowing that you love them, or that they love you?

This world is becoming more and more watered down regarding morals and if we allow that to find its way into our relationship with God, how will we ever be truly useful in His hands?

Just something to think about.

Speak Soon.X

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