I heard this said in a podcast I was listening to this week and it resonated so well with me, I had to share it with you guys :

All relationships have problems, wrong relationships have unaddressed issues.

I am a person who truly values honesty and communication in a relationship, be it romantic or not. When I’m upset/angry/annoyed/happy/over the moon/excited/anxious at something, I’m pressed to talk about it and express how I feel. Not being able to do that makes me feel heavy as I cannot pretend. That is the one thing I hate the most when it comes to relationships, not being able to freely communicate.

I don’t take a relationship as a genuine, true and good relationship unless both parties are able to express concerns, dislikes and ultimately resolve any problems or issues they may have, openly with each other. When people in a relationship keep matters festered inside, pretend it doesn’t exist or brush it under the carpet, to me it speaks volumes about the strength and value of that relationship.

EVERY single relationship in this world has problems!! Even our relationship with God! What is important is how we deal with these problems and if in fact we actually deal with them. Unresolved matters are the sure poison to slowly kill a relationship and end them with shipwrecked hearts and souls of those involved.

If we truly value a relationship, we will do what is needed to make it work, be it uncomfortable, hard or even painful.

Speak Soon.X

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