Open Communication……

These past few days my emotions have been raw, all over the place and just down right annoying! All manner of people have been irritating me, from my family at home right up to the elderly lady crossing the street as I am driving. I haven’t felt as ‘saved’ or ‘strong’ spiritually and the devil has been throwing doubts and negative thoughts at me.

I have found myself making the same prayer each morning to God, “Daddy please help me with my heart! Help me not to give in to my stupid emotions! Help me to see people through Your eyes and treat them as You desire me to. Help me to take a hold over my emotions and put them under your subjection. Help me to choose faith and not the lies the devil is trying to sell me.”

Yesterday I was listening to the bible using this awesome app my friend introduced me to – DAB (it’s so amazing guys!), when part of the reading was this verse : Jeremiah 15:19-21 (AMP translation)

I know at first look it seems not to relate to what has been happening with me, but if you read the verses above, verses 15-19, Jeremiah was complaining to God about the hardship he was facing being God’s spokesman. He spoke about the internal battles he was facing. Now the sources of mine and Jeremiah’s internal battles are of course not the same, but nonetheless the end symptoms are similar. When I listened to this verse, it gave me a right spiritual slap it did!

I’m sure you’ve had moments like this too, I know it because we are all on the same journey fighting against our flesh. At times my emotions get the better of me and I say things I shouldn’t, react in a way I shouldn’t and behave in a way polar opposite to how God wants me to. BUT He always pulls me right back because I choose to stay connected to Him in conversation (prayer). No matter how I feel, whats going on or how terrible I feel I have behaved, one thing I fight not to lose is the open communication I have with God. I know that this is the way He brings me right back on track!

Speak Soon.X

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