Called Out Music!…..

WOW! So myself and some friends attended a concert this past weekend and amazing is an understatement.

I have always wanted to attend a gospel/christian concert and I’m thankful to my friends who gave me the opportunity to attend this one. Anyone who lives in the UK knows of the horrible state of the youths and the heartbreaking news we constantly keep hearing of lives being taken. To be in an environment with youths of the same age, background and opportunities as these youths we see in the news killing each other but in a polar opposite atmosphere and purpose was so uplifting!

Spot me! 😉

I literally nearly had tears of joy watching the performances, the intimate prayers being made in every direction around me and the sincere praises being offered to God throughout the concert. This may sound so crazy to you guys, but you know when you attend a church and seem to think that only people in your church must love God? Stupid thought pattern right? But for years I thought this………SO NOT THE CASE! Sometimes that small enclosed community we create for ourselves restricts the purpose of God through us and the opportunities God wants to lead us to.

All the artists who performed were fantastic! The style of music was diverse too which I loved! Ultimately CalledOut Music himself was fantastic, got me breaking out a few dance moves in my seat, and I don’t really do dancing loool.

I will most definitely love to attend more concerts in the near future!

Speak Soon.X

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