Joy in the midst of hardship……..

Yesterday as I was walking home, I decided to re-read (well technically listen) to Ephesians ch 5 vs 20. When I finished, I started thanking God for all the things I am going through and I can say I finally understand why He calls us at various points in the Bible to give thanks always and in all things.

When I started to pray, of course I wasn’t saying ‘thank you for the problems’ themselves lool, but my prayer was making me think about the characteristics, values and principles that the issues I am working through are developing in me, the changes I have been praying for that they are bringing about in me. It brought me so much joy and peace. I mean it really has changed my perspective about giving thanks. I really understand why God calls us to do that now, completely.

The prayer strengthened me to keep going and abandon any bow* I had . Amazing!

Speak Soon.X

*Abandoning your bow – This is something I learnt in a series from Transformation Church (check them out on YouTube). To abandon your bow is to throw away any thoughts of giving in to your flesh, this world or going back to your old nature. Essentially, abandoning your bow means that you choose to be obedient to God no matter the price it requires.

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