Oh my! Oh my! Once again I had issues with hosting the website and had to switch web hosts. You may have noticed a disappearing act of my website for a couple of days….sorry!

It’s officially back up and running and this should never happen again as I have made sure to sort all the little niggles out! Unfortunately when I migrated the website, I lost all the pictures that accompanied the posts as well as other things. I have therefore had to go through EVERY SINGLE POST individually and upload new pictures. I can’t tell you how much I have wanted to scream these past couple of days lool.

Anyway, it’s all done now….so heeeeyyyy! Miss me much? I’ve absolutely missed writing and sharing things with you guys! Life is still pretty hectic, but I will try my level best for now to keep posting at least once a week till things calm down.

Something I haven’t been doing which I am going to start is to pray for all of you who are a part of this community. I am so grateful to the current few (I am sure we will grow as a community) who read, add, support and encourage me. At times it gets disheartening to spend time posting content when it feels it doesn’t reach much people, but I always remember – ‘if it changes the world of one person, I have certainly accomplished something great!’

And with that, I will see you all in the next post! Love ya!

Speak Soon.X

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