Jin Go Gae….

Hey guys! How are you? If you live in the UK, you are as probably as thrilled as I am for the beautiful weather we have been indulging ourselves in these past couple of days! Please don’t go away heat!!!

Ever since my trip to Korea in 2017, I have had a constant taste in my mouth for Korean food. My current favourites are Gimbap (rice rolls) and Kimchie Jiggae (fermented cabbage stew).

I live fairly close to what many call ‘Korea Town’ here in London – New Malden. So far, myself and my friends (whom have developed a great liking for Korean food too) have explored about 3 different Korean restaurants in New Malden. Our favourite so far is a restaurant called Jin Go Gae. I actually went there again this past weekend! I don’t think I have yet to go and been met with an empty restaurant. In fact, when we were leaving, after having completely filled our stomachs this past Saturday, there was a queue of people waiting to be seated.

This saturday, we decided to go for the barbecue menu. The meat is grilled on your table, right in front of you!

The dishes you see around the barbecue are called ‘banchan’ which means side dishes. The metal dish with the closed lid is rice.

Being greedy, as we were, we also ordered some starters – kimchi pancakes (my absolute favourite!) and ddeoboki (rice cakes)

I’ll give you a glimpse of some of the delights on offer on their menu :

I will definitely recommend taking a trip there, their food is absolutely delicious…..and the biggest give away, which convinces me that it is indeed a good restaurant, is the fact that I see A LOT of Korean people eating there.

Speak Soon. X

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