Dairy Free Ice Cream….

Hi guys!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I luurrrvvvveee ice cream! I have been caught eating ice cream in the snow!

When I discovered my intestines and dairy didn’t really see eye to eye anymore, it was truly a sad day. I tried for a long time to resolve their differences by forcing dairy down my intestines throat, but I think that made things take a turn for the worse *wipes of tear*

I finally accepted that they need time to reconcile and eliminated dairy from my diet. THIS HAS NOT BEEN EASY I TELL YOU!!

When I walk past the chocolate isle, all common sense and memories of the pain I feel, and the diarrhoea that follows when I have dairy, all seem like non-existent events. I simply want to jump at the chocolate bars with all I am and devour them. I am so very proud of myself though…..I have stayed away.

I was on a hunt for dairy free ice cream I actually enjoyed for a long time and (cue the hallelujah music)…….at long last, your dear Marilyn has found some! Please see pictures below :

This was sooooooooooooooooo yummy!! I actually didn’t expect it to taste so good but it really really did! I couldn’t actually tell it had no dairy!

Almond covered chocolate ice cream has always been one of my favourite types of ice cream…..so imagine the internal scream I did when I saw this! *And No! I am NOT a vegan, vegan produce just simply don’t have dairy* This ice cream was also incredible! Of course the chocolate used in both is dark chocolate as this contains no milk, but believe you me it tastes so good! <<This is from a true and hardcore ice cream and chocolate lover!

I found both these ice creams in TESCO supermarket here in the UK. I have since discovered that SAINSBURY’S actually has a wider selection of dairy free ice cream. I have also been given a tip that ASDA may also have quite a wide selection, so once I take my trip there, I will let you all know.

Happy dairy-free shopping all!

P.S. If you have any other suggestions please please do let me know!

Speak Soon.X

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