Your Road……

That common thing we all do, we hate to, but we all do it.

“Oh if I could just have half her money!”

“Oh If I could have a family like hers!”

“Wow, she is so blessed, look how fast she received a promotion / the blessing she prayed for”

“I wish I could be as strong as her, her faith is so rooted!”

“I wish I was as creative and business minded as she/he is, then I would definitely succeed”

“I wish something that supernatural could happen to me too, she is so ‘lucky’!”

And on and on it goes….as we take our eyes off from our own God-marked road and begin coveting each other’s.

Yesterday morning, I received news of death in my family. My mum called distraught, her sister had just passed away not too long ago. I remember my Aunt so very well. She helped raised me when I lived in Ghana. I met her again just over 4 years ago. As the reality of the news hit home, all I could think about was her soul.

Jesus has called all of us out from the darkness into the light, to live victoriously in His grace by faith, believing Him for our salvation. He is our hope on this side of eternity and in the next. This is His main purpose for each of us.

Separately and individually, being different parts of His body as we are, we have also all been called to serve one another in different ways. The roads marked out for each of us individually may look very different from our neighbours, friends or family members. On the contrary our road could also look very similar to those around us.

Often times, particularly us females, look at the outward display of someone walking and working down their marked road.We covet what they have achieved without taking a moment to ponder the battles they must have fought and are still fighting to reflect God’s glory.

We look at the strength, resilience and power of their faith in the living God and His Word, without realising that to build the faith they have, certainly came at a cost. A strong unwavering faith has been through many seasons of wavering, doubts, battles, failures and more, which have all worked together overtime, whilst the person kept their attention locked on Jesus, to build the outward display of the faith we see.

An amazing achievement which defies logic, has been through many seasons of testing, which has stretched the person far beyond human capability and understanding and has resulted in the supernatural. We look at a person’s unbelievable success and desire the exact same for ourselves, feeling jealous of their achievement, without contemplating the journey it took for them to reach there.

For many years I struggled to come to terms with the fact that taking our eyes off someone else’s journey and putting all our strength into obeying God and making sure we wholeheartedly succeed at our own marked road, ultimately works together for all our benefits.

I mentioned the sad news I received yesterday morning because I wanted to make a point. I was at work when I received the news. Thankfully my colleague had yet to arrive so I had time to put myself together before she got in. Throughout our work day she was non-the-wiser that I had received such news. I carried on as I would normally, we had our laughs as normal and worked as we would normally.

The person next to you on the bus this morning may have very well received horrible news but still gave you a warm smile as you sat down next to them. Your friends who have a blessed marriage may be going through difficulty in having a child at the moment, but are still the epitome of faith and God’s blessing. The millionaire you see may be struggling to keep his business’ afloat and has been up for 48 hours on end doing all he can to save the business, but still ensures all his employees are paid on time.

It is rare we see the background work which happens prior to success in a person’s life, but we all go through this. How stressful it would be if whilst working hard at our own marked road, we desire to have that of somebody else’s too. All our paths, when our goal is Jesus, lead to only one end point – the salvation of all human kind.

Read Psalm 119. I truly love this scripture, particularly in the message version, it is so very clear. We’ve all got our own stockpile of work and experiences to go through. Rather than coveting what each other has, let us be a source of help and encouragement to steer each other on, helping each other to finish this race marked out before us victoriously!

Speak Soon.X

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