Love Like I’ve Never Known….

Throughout my short number of years on this earth, I have never experienced something close to the love God has for us.

Unfortunately, most human relationships are one where people love you because of what you do for them, or what you can do for them. When people express their love for you, often times there is an ulterior reason behind it. Most of us don’t even realise this truth as we also do it ourselves. When what a person loved you for is no longer there, their behaviour towards you changes and that’s when many people say they “fell out of love” or simply “fell out”. This is not limited only to romantic relationships.

Of course, this is not always the case in all relationships, some people truly love unconditionally.

I believe in God’s unconditional love because I know it’s true. My struggle, however, is to fully embrace it. I struggle to accept and dwell in this love 24hours a day, 7 days a week, 365days a year. It’s HARD when what surrounds me here on this earth is directly opposite. Especially when my upbringing and quite a few of the relationships I formed along the way, are directly opposite to His type of love.

They say around my current age, is when certain mentalities and beliefs become set in stone and it becomes hard to change as a person. Because of this, I understand the journey and struggle to wholeheartedly embrace, belief and accept that His love is not determined by my actions, failures, successes, faults, personality, character, history, background and everything else that falls into that category.

I know that one day, on the path I have chosen to walk on, with my amazing long suffering and pursuing Father, the penny will drop, my heart will release, my mind will heal and I will be consumed by His all so amazing grace and love. Each day as I seek Him more and more, as I read His word and delve into it, I am awestruck by how much He loves me. It is just so amazing.

I wake and live in absolute anticipation, as I walk each day seeking His truth and striving to know His heart more and more.

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