Making Difficult Decisions….

All throughout my life, and probably yours too, I have had to make some pretty tough decisions. The older I get, the tougher these decisions seem to get, and the braver they require me to be.

Be it a decision for your personal health, mental health, career, romantic life, finances or even your perspective on life itself.

When I was younger, I would simply focus on how I felt, particularly how I was feeling in the moment, how intense my passions were. 90% of the time, this was the foundation to many of my decisions.

I’ll give you an example. I am not proud of this by the way! When I lived in Ghana, as a primary school student, there was a girl I was really envious of. Her family was very well off and she made sure the whole class knew about it. She would be dropped off to school in a posh car, always have the best and on top of that have much more pocket money than the rest of us! On one occasion, as she walked past my desk, I noticed her pocket money sticking out of her back pocket. In a flash, all my envious thoughts intensified and I stretched out and took her money without anybody noticing.

That was most certainly a short-sighted emotional decision, which did nothing but bring me guilt and a bad name.

Having matured over the years, I realise the importance of having a long-sighted ‘bigger picture’ view of situations before making decisions. All who know me well, know that I make no decision lightly, especially big decisions. It may take me days, weeks, months sometimes even years, but I thoroughly think through the impact, effect and influence my decisions will have before solidifying them.

As a Woman after God’s heart, He has truly become my compass in all decisions. God sees the WHOLE story, the ENTIRE blue print. He knows it all and therefore knows the best decision for us to make. I do not take this lightly and always seek to make sure my decisions align with His Word and Will.

Having made my decisions this way for some years now, I can say with confidence that it is fool proof! Decisions that may seem hard and ‘nonsensical’ in the moment, maybe to both yourself and others around you, ahhh, in the end are the BEST decisions you could have possibly made. Why? The Owner and Overseer of the entire blue print was your guide!

Speak Soon.X

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